Thursday, 15 January 2015

Anchor -Little Big Moments !

The curtain’s closing on 2014 and I often sit down, sipping hot cappuccino with freshly baked short bread, and reflect how this year has been – for myself and the people I love the most. As my mind randomly jogs backwards, I observe a significant recurring milestone that many of my friends have been blessed with motherhood.  How I had pestered them for latest pictures of their munchkins and cutiepies.  Strangely, how they all replied that it’s such a hassle to regularly share pictures and videos of the superbaby with so many admirers.  The hassle would then become a nightmare if by chance they would miss out THAT particular family member or friend, who will haunt you the rest of your life for this slip-up.  How they wished there would be a do-it-all mobile app where they can shoot pictures/videos, caption them and also easily share with everyone. This is where I remember myself helping them out with this. 
A few days ago I had stumbled across Anchor’s Little Big Moments app which serves exactly this purpose, and immediately shared with all those moms, who graciously thanked me with cute instagrammed smiles of their little angels. Awww, I would do anything for those drooly smiles.
It feels good to see that brands really care about their customers to this extent. It’s not just ringing the cash counter. I am sure that Anchor would have carefully researched on the struggles of moms and come up with this wonderful app. This way, Anchor is not only nourishing the growing lil champ with a healthy body and mind, but also strengthening family ties and friendship in today’s chaotic hustle and bustle.

By the way, it’s interesting how Anchor’s communication has kept pace with changing times. I can safely say this because even my strong bones have a bit of Anchor in them.  My mother mostly chose Anchor whenever she needed powdered milk for us. Moreover, I am a combo of a rational and emotional buyer – i.e. I allow emotions to rule in making the careful final purchase decision. And, I proudly claim that ‘nostalgia’ is always the deciding factor for me! I will anytime choose a brand that I had used in my childhood, however, it should serve the purpose of today’s changed times.

My mug needs a refill now. However, I am just imaginingall those captured magical baby moments, shared with their grannies, who live seas away and cuddle their angels in every passing thought. Aha, priceless indeed!

PS – You may download the app’s link from here - link 

Monday, 26 May 2014

Hate ironing clothes - a cool replacement

Mourning over runaway maid is an everyday tale for us, and ironing clothes is the chore that I hate the most which becomes tiresome task when miss maid is not here. Thanks to the labor office most of us are coping with the without maid phase, God give us the strength! 

Most of you can so relate to what I am talking about when maid was there Life didn’t really involve “ironing” for me, everything was ironed and taken care of which made life  soooo much easier.

However, since a few months I have tried my best to cope up with doing chores myself at home, not that I was completely dependent on the maid but ironing was solely her responsibility as I completely loathe it. 

Hence, I recently got a useful gadget vertical steamer from Rowenta which seriously is a life saver!

The one thing that really made me a fan of this steamer was that it makes the task easier, instead of struggling with the iron over clothes on the iron table, we just need to hang the garment on the steamer and just brush the steaming handle on the garment. there are two types of attachments , one for steaming and the other for removing creases .

After I finish ironing, which is by the way very quick it leaves the garment with odourless and refreshed and unlike typical iron does not involve any risk of burning clothes. 

While storing the ironing board is always a task since my laundry room is small hence, I have to always fold and keep it after the tough task of ironing clothes .

However, this chic and stylish steamer is kept as it is since, is extremely compact and does not require a lot of space plus the hanger makes it so convenient to hang my garment so I can quickly grab it when needed.

I can’t extol the virtues of Rowenta garment steamer enough, all i can say is that it is truly a Godsend for ladies who hate ironing Hence, my verdict is - it is a very good buy.

Some facts of Rowenta Garment steamer worth considering

  • It is a stronger Garment steamer available in the market with a power of 1500W.

  • There is a soft touch, stay cool handle and fabric hose for added comfort when steaming: telescopic pole to adjust height, push down for compact storage.

  • Could be bought from Al -Esayi showrooms and Extra stores across KSA.

This is a Non- Paid review

Sunday, 23 February 2014

Say bye bye to bad hair days -7 days of Pretty Hair Ideas

I am always the types who would never step out of the house without having my hair look fine and  if given a an option to choose from makeup and hair I would obviously make sure my hair is the best .So, Today I though of gathering up some quickie styling tips, that will give a week full of great hair days.

Lend a Tahitian vibe to a low pony or a bun with a floral baratte, pin it to the elastic or using a bobby secure it on a bun and just see how it instantly changes a regular everyday hair  into something extraordinary.

Fancy up a Messy bun in seconds by adding a simple starchy headband and it enhances the entire look.

Headbads always add a colourful and new look to the same ol’ same ol hair do’s .

Shift a regular braid to the side like Nicole Kidman did here- it gives this simple ‘do a more come hitter feel.

place fancy bobby pins to secure side swept hair 

Monday, 17 February 2014

Healthy Eating Dilemma? Try the Golden Rules...

Want to health up your menu this year, and you are confused whether to count calories or eat clean, be a vegan or restrict carbs? heaps of chaos?  recently, I spoke to my friend who is a clinical nutritionist while she visited me yesterday and gave me some tips on how to embrace healthy eating.What and how much we eat determines our health to a great extend. Ofcourse, exercise is important and we must try to workout at least 3 days a week but this does not give us the license to eat waterer and how muchever we want, we would still need to keep a tab on our plate.

  • Be food wise , Train your palate by eating healthy and up your intake of raw veggies.

  •  Avoid eating grains/cereals/maincourse directly at the beginning of the meal. make a thumb rule to always start with salads if you don’t, chances are you will end up eating too large a quantity. 

  • Water is the most essential nutrient, and I cannot stress enough on the importance of increasing your water intake. when you experience hunger pangs, immediately drink a glass of water and then proceed towards your snack or meal.

  • Do no skip carbs please! yeah, I agree white carbs like white rice, sugar, flour should be eliminated but have complex carbs like multigrain breads, oats, quinoa and whole wheat pastas as fiber is necessary for your body to function properly. 

  • Clean your pantry and fridge, try replacing unhealthy snacks to healthy ones. 

  • Invest in a good non stick T-fal pan so you do not need to use oil at all and sometimes only a drop. 

  • Switch to Olive Oil only! 

  • Do meal prep and plan your meals in advance so you do not end up eating junk just because there is no time to fix a healthy meal. 

  • Read food labels before buying, pay attention to sodium and sugar content. try to choose organic whenever possible. 

  • Make sure you finish your dinner maximum by 8:00 PM. 

  • Do not skip meals, try eating every 2- 3 hours instead of eating 3 big meals distribute them into 5- 6 meals throughout the day. 

  • Eat slowly, chew your food and enjoy rather then gulping it down. 

  • Use smaller plates and bowls, this trick really helps. 

  • Try to postpone that extra helping by 20mins, as it takes extra time for stomach to send signals to brain indicating that it is full. 

  • Do not fall for “don’t waste food dictum’ because extra food goes either to waste or waist- so you decide. 

Sunday, 16 February 2014

Celeb Style & Fashion Talk

I have been quite busy lately and this is the reason why there were very few posts , I feel sad honestly. But pretties I was so tied up sorting out pieces of my surroundings, renovations at home, trying to live a healthy lifestyle and so many other boring tasks , yawn yawn ! the good news is I have gathered a lot of thoughts and have scheduled many good posts for you all, so stay tuned. 

Well, to begin with since you all loved my celeb style diaries so I thought of giving you all a weekly dose of it and have crated a s epcial section for it . Yeay!! Alos, let me clear I am not a fashionista by any means and in this section I only discuss and analyse celebrities’ sartorial choices, fashion faux-pas and the general happenings in the fashion industry . feedback is welcome :-)

For BAFTA 2014 Oprah Winfrey made an appearance in a burgundy custom made Stella McCartney long sleeved gown. she completed her look with a cocktail ring and small earings, she looked good but wish she had opted for a different hairstyle perhaps a messy side updo. 

Uma Thurman walked the red carpet for BAFTA 2014 in a a navy-blue Atelier Versace silk cady gown with a slit in the back. the curve hugging silhouette has my vote for sure. Uma kept it simple with light make up, diamond necklace and a messy undo. there is a minor gripe wish she had opted for red or fuchsia lips however, she looked lovely .

Sonam Kapoor, the stylish Bollywood actress was in London promoting her upcoming movie and she picked a pink dior dress with black satin panel , she paired it with black stockings (which is a bit off for me) and a black hermes kelly. the one thing I love about this diva is her styling sense , specially how she makes it interesting by opting for different hair do’s.

Wednesday, 22 January 2014

Ditch the Gym and Hit Home workout!

Girls let’s face it we always tend to make unrealistic weight loss resolutions and to accomplish that we usually stick to FAD diets and that results into pale face, cravings, mood swing and before the end of the diet we end up binging on carbs and sugar.

While, the best way and the only way i should rather say to lose weight and maintain is by following a healthy lifestyle and working out- believe me girls there is no short cut- I am saying this based on my personal experience, I have been there and done that- seriously.

I consider myself an extremely lazy person and working out is a huge issue for me specially if i have to go deal with diver problems and get stuck in traffic for almost an hour to reach the gym where I would workout for 45 mins well, I would rather ditch the gym altogether and have enrolled at all the great Gym’s at Jeddah but ended up going there only for a week while paying the entire 3 months fee. What a wastage.

I am a strong believer of working out from home, specially residing in saudi arabia - I do not wan tot stress and bother about how I am going to reach the gym, driver problems, traffic etc so I found a couple of nice workout plans which can be easily done from home and most of them have beginner levels as well.

So here is my list

1-) Chalene johnson Turbo Fire

The program is for 90 days and 6 days a week however, the workouts are not too long ranging between HIIT (Hi intensity) to body sculpt and stretches. following the plan exactly for 90 days will give wonderful results but, I just picked up few workouts like the HIIT 15 and 30 min workout which i would do on every alternate day, it made me quite strong and helped me shape up. the fact that the workout is only for 15 mins and 30 mins tops, i was motivated to religiously do it everyday.

2-) P90X

 The P90X has got quite butt kicking workouts as well, I love the cardio X , Kenpo and yoga X, they are awesome, as they are so much fun and easy to  follow plus you know you are making exceptional effort to lose that stern fat. I  stick to these three from the P90X however, they have a complete range of workouts designed for each day. 

3-) Jillian Michaels - 30 day shred

This is a brilliant workout if you want to get in shape without a lot of effort, I agree P90X and Chalene Johnson is a bit too extreme for beginners who have never hit the GYM.

So choose your workout accordingly, it is definitely not one size fits all but find the right workout for you that can easily slide in your lifestyle and suit your body  

Well, as far as my workout routine is concerned i try to keep my sessions fun and stay away from boring routine so i combine all the above and each day is a different workout. 

Some tips- 

Ofcourse working out without eating healthy will give absolutely NO results hence, clean your kitchen and refrigerator from all the crap and, stop eating junk, sugar and carbs- keep it simple with veggies, fruits, lean protein and multigrain breads only.

do not go on FAD diets please!

Try to finish dinner before 8 PM, maximum before 9 PM. 

Go easy on the workouts, do not over do it and do not starve yourself. 

Self sufficient at Selfie

We all have been taking selfies and talking about it but- from duck face to your belfie- sometimes we overdo it so, Today I thought of giving some tips to you pretties on how to frame a perfect selfie. 

To begin with, a perfect selfie does not happen with one click you need to take a couple of shots to make it an ideal selfie. 

1- To work on your selfie you need to angle your chin slightly up, towards the light, to mix shadows and create a gorgeous glow. doing so will highlight your cheekbones, chin, and jaw line. And do let your arm be visible on the camera which is holding the phone. 

2- Do not pose straight up into the phone as it will make your face look big.

3- Think happy thoughts which reflect on the face. A real smile is way hotter than a fak-y. 

4-Make the picture about you- and not the background.

5-) Sorry pretties, but no duck face ever, it just ended with 2013!!