Monday, 26 May 2014

Hate ironing clothes - a cool replacement

Mourning over runaway maid is an everyday tale for us, and ironing clothes is the chore that I hate the most which becomes tiresome task when miss maid is not here. Thanks to the labor office most of us are coping with the without maid phase, God give us the strength! 

Most of you can so relate to what I am talking about when maid was there Life didn’t really involve “ironing” for me, everything was ironed and taken care of which made life  soooo much easier.

However, since a few months I have tried my best to cope up with doing chores myself at home, not that I was completely dependent on the maid but ironing was solely her responsibility as I completely loathe it. 

Hence, I recently got a useful gadget vertical steamer from Rowenta which seriously is a life saver!

The one thing that really made me a fan of this steamer was that it makes the task easier, instead of struggling with the iron over clothes on the iron table, we just need to hang the garment on the steamer and just brush the steaming handle on the garment. there are two types of attachments , one for steaming and the other for removing creases .

After I finish ironing, which is by the way very quick it leaves the garment with odourless and refreshed and unlike typical iron does not involve any risk of burning clothes. 

While storing the ironing board is always a task since my laundry room is small hence, I have to always fold and keep it after the tough task of ironing clothes .

However, this chic and stylish steamer is kept as it is since, is extremely compact and does not require a lot of space plus the hanger makes it so convenient to hang my garment so I can quickly grab it when needed.

I can’t extol the virtues of Rowenta garment steamer enough, all i can say is that it is truly a Godsend for ladies who hate ironing Hence, my verdict is - it is a very good buy.

Some facts of Rowenta Garment steamer worth considering

  • It is a stronger Garment steamer available in the market with a power of 1500W.

  • There is a soft touch, stay cool handle and fabric hose for added comfort when steaming: telescopic pole to adjust height, push down for compact storage.

  • Could be bought from Al -Esayi showrooms and Extra stores across KSA.

This is a Non- Paid review


  1. After a long time, nice post. I hate ironing as well, that is why i try to wear clothes without iron hahahaa.

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    Love John Setrodipo

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