Tuesday, 5 November 2013

HOW to Choose the right sunglasses for your face…

Choosing the right sunglasses that complements the shape of your face, skin tone and hair color is a tricky task as it can make or break your look. So here is an easy guide for choosing the right sun glasses ….

To begin with, determine the shape of your face- oval, square, round or heart shaped or Oblong. 

Determine the right shape of your face 

Oval shaped

Girls with egg shaped face have an advantage over the others, as pretty much any style works well on your face. So you can don those fashionable large shades with dark frames as they look amazing on ovals. 

Jessical Alba - Oval faced beauty


Heart-Shaped Face

If you’ve got a narrow chin and high cheekbones (like Reese Witherspoon), try to avoid any heavy frames or overly geometric lines. The perfect sunnies for heart-shaped ladies come with cat-eye frames, oval or rimless frames. 

Try to pick glasses that are wider at the top and narrower at the bottom. Sunglasses that feature some detailing or distinctive features, such as brow lines will also look amazing on heart-shaped faces. You can never go wrong with rounded aviators if you are a heart shaped.

Round face

If you got a round face, you can either make it work and look marvelous or if you opt for a wrong pair of shades  the worst can happen. To keep it safe choose angular shaped sun glasess with broad frames but stay away from round shapes please!!


Oblong face

Unfortunately, oblong girls struggle real hard to find a pair of shades that would not look odd on their faces.  Aviators are a safe bet however, you may also experiment with huge frames BUT avoid anything too angular  and keep away from small frames as that will look like you are wearing your kid sisters frames.

Square faced 

Square or a rectangle face can easily carry off oval or huge frames with delicate detailing . stay away from square or geometric shaped shades and frames that draw attention to your chin. 


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