Thursday, 7 November 2013

Juice it up with Greens

I recently got obsessed with green smoothies, I was at first a bit skeptical about them as drinking something made up of veggies and fruits sounded a bit awful. But one fine day I was trying to get rid of my greens so thought of trying it and I instantly fell in love with the green juice. it is totally awesome.
here is my recipe, where I just threw in whatever greens and fruits were available

- 2 handful of spinach 
- a medium sized peach, cubed 
- teaspoon of honey
- 1 tablespoon yogurt
- some Jarjeer leaves (argula) 
- 1 cup cold water

Just blend all the above ingredients together in a blender, strain it if you  want a clear juice , top it with chia seeds and flax seeds (optional) and enjoy!! 


  1. Replies
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    2. Thank you sophie, I love your blog too

  2. Don't strain it! Eat the whole fruit, not just its juice... and since you put the whole fruits/veggies in the blender, that's good. Straining just leaves a sugary liquid that will raise your blood sugar, as you take out the fiber by straining.

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